Our Mission...
You want to make good decisions, but you don't have the numbers. We provide an appraisal process that gives you confidence, saves you time, removes stress and provides you with peace of mind.

Our Mission...
At Transition Appraisals, we understand that others may be treated unfairly and without equity unless a certified appraisal is created. We provide an appraisal process that gives confidence, saves time, removes stress and provides you with peace of mind to move on to your next project or season of life.

Be Confident. Know Value.

Save Time

Know Value

Reduce Stress

With a certified appraisal, we have less stress while making better decisions.

Don't work in a fog

Don't suffer with uncertainty.

You deserve to be informed.

Avoid Uncertainty

Give yourself confidence.
Give others confidence in you when you get an appraisal.
Use Data

Get an appraisal to feel self-assured and less stressed.
Make Good Decisions

Credibility is central to you - and others - when making decisions.

How Appraisals Work

Define The Purpose

Determine Type Of Value

Be confident With Knowledge

It is you that we value most.

...More than 4,000 happy clients

We don't care just about things

...Hundreds of thousands of items

We care about what you need

...Tens of millions in value property

Insurance Coverage and Claims


U.S. Federal Functions
(Tax, etc.)


Equitable Distribution, Liquidation...


Be Confident
Know Value

Appraisal Info

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